Episode 23 – Stuart Austin

This week’s 23rd Farms Advice podcast is with Stuart Austin. He is in the driver’s seat of Wilmot Cattle Co. Stuart’s dives into how it all started. From growing up down in Albury he moved up north into the Northern Territory where he found himself managing stock camps in the end. He was young and eager to travel and do as much as he could so he left Australia for Canada, a place where a lot of young agriculturally based workers go from Australia these days for harvest, beef operations, and throwing in a bit of travel as well. After returning home from Canada he had wanted a piece of land for himself to manage and improve and was set on holistic management. From tying in his knowledge of running stock camps he had found himself at Wilmot Cattle Co. based in the New England of New South Wales.

Stuart Austin General Manager of Wilmot Cattle Co.

He attended Marcus Oldham down in Melbourne at the ripe old age of 28 as he states he was a “mature student”. By going down as an older student he was able to smash out the course of what would normally take 18 – 24 months. From here Marcus gave him the foundations of business operations and how we can get his head around the financials and how they can lead to better decisions made. Fast forward to now and he has made some great decisions along with working with a couple of managers to withstand the impact of the drought over the last few years.

It’s not easy to make the decision to sell your stock, especially when you’ve committed the last 10 years to improving your genetic line. It really takes a toll on you as a person but also it sets your business goals back a notch as you get back to where you had them.

Check out Wilmot Cattle Co. and see what they get up to and get in touch if you’d like to know more about their 100% grass-fed enterprise. Thank you to Stuart for joining us as a podcast guest on the Everything Agribusiness podcast. I love to highlight the hard work that is paying off by the decision-makers of the industry. Every agribusiness is different and comes across varying challenges. How we overcome them is important to know as an industry so that we can work together.

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