Episode 20 – Toni Barton with LamBacon

Farms Advice Podcast catches up with Toni Barton from Barton Small Goods. She’s an extremely busy person working at home in the sheep yards or working on the next project for her agribusiness. It’s an excellent chat with her to see how she has made a new cut of lamb from what was perceived as an off-cut previously.

Toni has an extensive background in marketing on Wall Street, NYC. She has now turned these skills to Australian agriculture where she has found herself as the owner of 200 acres to set her curiosity on fire. She had many farmers and neighbours tell her that she’s mad to do it but has perceived when others may not. This is the exact type of people that we need within the industry to stir the pot when others let it settle. As an old industry, there are bound to be traditions and boundaries broken but we would be able to eat the LamBacon is we didn’t.

Toni is currently running Australian Whites to supply her cuts of lamb and sell across her different channels. She initially started with 40 ewes ready to pop. Not having known too much about sheep, she and the lambs really hit the ground running.

We thank Toni for coming on as a podcast guest, she had a hectic day dealing with sheep across the day and was running late but that’s agribusiness.

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