Early adopter mindset with Agtech | Simon Wright

The Optiweigh series with Farms Advice Podcast highlighting the early adopters of Australian agtech from a cattle producers side. With Optiweigh’s in-paddock weighing proving it’s worth time again. It’s Simon Wright on today’s episode that is a 5th generation farmer who is looking at nurturing the 6th generation through his kids. Coming from a high rain fall area in the New England he states “we’re often the lasts one into the drought, but that can also mean that we’re the last ones out of the drought”. He grew up on his farm and went away to Orange Agricultural College to broaden his horizons. With 10 years going past he collected some live and business experience. Having come home in his late twenties right when the average age for kids returning to the family farm being the age of 27.

He talks about his mindset leaning towards being an early adopter and how it can pay dividends further down the line and open up other opportunities like carbon farming. He is always looking to upskill and educate himself and is running a solid operation.

“You can’t expect yourself to know everything”. Simon states having the right people around his has helped him improve their families position within the farming game.


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