Don’t turn the tap off on drought

As far as droughts go this is one of the worst we have seen in recent decades. As they not only affect farmers but the communities that surround them and depend on the daily produce to keep businesses running.

It is also a time when farming communities should turn the tap on to opportunities that may arise throughout the drought period. With a large proportion of Australia currently battling through the drought , there is always more we can focus on rather than fill your boots with sand day-in and day-out.

Seek for more while in drought! Make that idea you thought of, you never know it might help you and the wider farming community! We’re pushing for farmers to do more with their valuable land to create a sustainable enterprise through improving the 1 percenters like what your coach use to tell you at training. The small goals go a long way to reach your large objectives!

Take a look at reach out if you’re struggling, they have some excellent articles on here to allow yourself the time to put yourself first.

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