Does your farm have a view suited for weddings?

We listened to Brooke Boney as she presents the Season Three of Next Generation Innovators. Brooke spoke with Amy Parfett who has been inspired by AirBnb and how she can turn picturesque wedding venues into income generators for those looking to hire out their venue. will uncover the stories behind some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs and find out how they’ve scaled their ideas into global businesses. 

Find the list of the curated spaces to see the new mover and shaker in the wedding industry. If you’re looking for more than your local RSL club take a look at their website and see if you can get on board as your property just may be the host of several weddings throughout the year.

We always encourage agribusinesses and farmers in particular to diversify their income. From your stunning shearing sheds to hay sheds. What you have may just be the dream location for a young budding couple looking to tie the knot.

Visit WedShed for further information

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