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Farms Advice Podcast – Meet Up Farms Advice Podcast – Meet Up This week has been a big week already and it’s only Monday. If you have been following our socials you would know that we had an announcement to make for this week that will involve you as listeners guests and contributors to the…

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Farm Yarns with Daniel Fischl

G’day farmers, this week we yarn with Daniel Fischl from Eartrumpet Consulting and Padardis as a form agtech for the viticulture industry. Daniel opens up his thoughts to be challenged and looking for outside information. When you put 50 winemakers in a room you’re going to receive very similar answers. He looks upon the indigenous…

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How To Reduce Water Use and Improve Wine Quality | Daniel Fischl

G’day farmers, welcome to this weeks episode where we dive into agtech within vineyards but with all the similar concepts and values of broadacre and livestock farmers. We have Daniel Fischl on from Padardis, which is a new agritech company derived from years of research in the lab and now more so in the vineyards….

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Farm Yarns with Gavin O’Brien

This weeks Farm Yarn is with Gavin O’Brien and Jack Cresswell, the host of the Farms Advice Podcast. We dive into who the person is behind the audio with this yarn and see who inspires them, where they find the motivation and the resources that up skill them. Gavin O’Brien started out on sheep stations…

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