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Foot and Mouth Disease for Aussie Farmers

Foot and Mouth Disease for Aussie Farmers When do we go into prevention mode and not waiting until it hits our shores. Foot and Mouth Disease could be caused by a dirty thong (flip flop for non Aussies). After the last 5 years for farmers has been difficult navigating a prolonged drought, supply chains in…

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Three Ways To Structure Your Farm Business | Scott Smith

G’day farmers, hope the season has been good to you. This week’s episode we go for a deep dive into trading structures for farms and how the legalities of it work for different structures. Scott Smith from the Byfields Business Advisers Perth team walks us through what might work for your enterprise. But like all…

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Talking With The Financial Bloke | Ben Law

G’day farmers, welcome back to another cracking episode of the farms vice podcast. On this episode we take a snippet out of the Financial Blokes podcast. I was recently on his episode to discuss the journey of Farms Advice podcast and how I have gathered different pieces of information across the different 115 episodes with…

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The Rising Risks of Biosecurity On-Farm | GPA Australia

G’day Farmers Accountancy this weeks farms advice podcast episode. We’re going back into GPA Australia and the impact they’re having for grain produces right across the country. It’s episodes of big one and not one that can be tackled just in one episode, we’ll be talking all things bio security Jim, Stuart, and Colin from…

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