Can We Identify Microbes as Farmers? | Lachlan Dow

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Farms Advice Podcast
Can We Identify Microbes as Farmers? | Lachlan Dow

G’day and welcome to this weeks episode on the Farms Advice podcast. Jumping back into our Farm Yarns with Lachlan Dow from CSIRO. We dive in to see how microbes are impacting Australian agriculture both in a positive and negative format and how as farmers on the ground can identify where our soils are going wrong and how we can replicate the soils that are improving the years of our crops.

Lachlan Dow is a postdoctoral research with CSIRO and is enabling Australian farmers from his own research of how we can improve the soils that grow the crops of today with this year we are actually having the biggest year on record it’s estimated that over 23,000,000 ha are planted.

So why did we get Lachlan Dow onto the podcast he is a biologist chemist specialising in photo synthetic organisms and bacteria is previous works been included with chemical ecology advanced microscopic photosynthesis analytical chemistry and synthetic chemistry what has he done within the science field and how is playing out in his role currently down in Canberra.

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