Buying A Farm | Charlie Blomfield

With land prices so expensive at the minute, it is important to take a step back and look if you should buy or lease land to fulfill your expansion for your enterprise. With the interest rate currently low and a rebound from the dryer periods, there are some prized blocks and those you need to invest in coming on the market.

In this episode, we talk with Charlie Blomfield who has experience in operating on leaseholds and also purchasing new farms to continue expanding the enterprise. This Farms Advice episode is for those unsure if they should buy or lease their neighbours or similar.

Find out the factors that Charlie looks for when looking at a new farm to add into the mix and what matters the most for his decision-making process. If you like this episode please share it with your mates to help us grow the podcast, it’s made and edited by farmers, for the benefit of farmers to improve the way WE run our farms.

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