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The Farms Advice Podcast sat down with ProBreed to see what they are up to and how they are doing it. We welcome Martin Clark to our list of podcast guests and see which direction he is taking the agribusiness to by getting the most of their genetics. With an excellent team whom Martin states he wouldn’t be able to do it with the help of his manager.

Martin loves to use data to make his decisions and to make the most of the ProBreed rams. They are running three breeds under the banner of ProBreed with:

ProBreed highlanders

Highlander: “The Highlander® is a maternal composite sheep developed by Rissington. The systems and science behind it provide the foundation for its performance across commercial farms in NZ. The focus of the Highlander is to consistently deliver improved kilograms of lamb weaned. This is achieved through higher performance as a ewe hogget & then maintaining a higher level of production from a 2 tooth onwards.”

Primera: “The Primera® is a terminal composite sheep designed by Rissington to provide high-performance finishing lambs that excel in meat characteristics. The focus of the Primera is to utilise the best available terminal sires of quality terminal breeds in one package. Through large scale progeny testing of elite sires the Primera has the science behind it to deliver for commercial Australian farmers.”

Primera hogget rams at 150 days old selected for joining tomorrow
ProBreed Primera rams

Highlander plus: The highlander plus was a mix of merino and highlander that Martin and the team had been playing with and will soon have genetics available.

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