Blokes – BBQ – Bonfire – Beers – Bonding – Bullshit with Bradley Millsteed

This is a special episode and a timely reminder for the blokes working in the industry that we’re able to open up and there will be someone else out there who is going through or has gone through what you’re experiencing. I find with the podcast I get to see a glimpse into working lives of farmers and blokes on the episodes but rarely have many actually opened up but quite recently I’ve learnt a trick or two where we can break down these walls.

I invite any guests to come on and be transparent as possible not only about successes but what’s been bloody hard for them to. For listeners to sit back and hear someone else going through what they are or feel the pain that they have can bring us closer together. I really want to use this podcast to better improve our communication as blokes but also as an industry.

A huge thank you goes out to Bradley who became so open for this episode but also the #6Bs that he would of held. Follow them on Twitter and see the cause of 6bs.com.au

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