Educating Your Own Workers | Catherine Velisha | Farms Advice Podcast

Safety for employees Up skilling current workforce Educating the future of horticulture This week on the podcast we speak to Catherine from Velisha farms who works in horticulture producing high quality produce for supermarkets across Australia. She is also working on improving her workforce and education the next generation of workers. Links: Velisha Farms Vegeducation…

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Future of Remote Monitoring on Farm | Andrew Coppin | Farms Advice Podcast

Have you listened yet? This episode we dive into agtech and remote water monitoring and how it works for farmers in 2021. Agtech is blowing up in Australia with real problems getting solved by the masterminds stress testing the products in Australia. There are a lot of ways too skin a cat and also where…

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The Future of Macadamias | Larry McHugh | Farms Advice

G’day aggies, this episode we talk all things macadamias and the premium it brings with the price tag against the other nuts across Australia and the globe. Larry McHugh joins Jack for a chat about where the sector currently sits, what harvest was like in 2021, and what the global demand is like in different…

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Agriculture Goes Viral With Big Farmer Andy | National Ag Day

Today is just one of the days where we celebrate all that the farmers do across Australia. I’m a farmer as well so to be able to look into other farmers’ operations and to find out what motivates them is what really makes this podcast so special. A farmer-led initiative to connect the different sectors…

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