Farms Advice Podcast – Meet Up Farms Advice Podcast – Meet Up This week has been a big week already and it’s only Monday. If you have been following our socials you would know that we had an announcement to make for this week that will involve you as listeners guests and contributors to the…

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Planning for droughts with an effective strategy

Make sure your feed and water resources are maintained and able to have increased head numbers. Plan around your financial position The effect of your plan on future grazing Should you buy the newest piece of equipment? Probably not! It’s time to knuckle down and return your farm to its glory days with consistency and…

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What will agtech do for Australian farmers

Agtech (agricultural technology) can help Australian farmers become more productive, efficient and sustainable. It can provide farmers with access to new tools and technologies such as drones, sensors, robotics, IoT, and AI. These technologies can help farmers monitor and manage crops, livestock, and environment more effectively, gain better insight into their operations and optimize yields….

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Write a blog post about farming in Australia

So there’s this new chat box used with Elon Musk’s many companies that if given the stimulus will be using your information to write it’s own text, create images or even code for you. This was an example of what it created for the Australian agriculture and we can’t argue with it.. maybe the subsidies…

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Farm Yarns with Pete McCann – Farms Advice Agribusiness Podcast

This weeks Farms Advice Podcast with Pete McCann leads us into this Farm Yarn where we get to know the person behind the microphone and what motivates them.

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How Australian Ag is Changing How Machines Are Being Used | Pete McCann

Welcome to the very first episode on the CaseIH series on the Farms Advice Podcast. We will be joined by Jack and Pete McCann the general manager for Australia and New Zealand for CaseIH. In this episode we go over the 2023 outlook and have Australian agriculture is changing how machines are used and what we can expect after a challenging year being extremely wet here on the East Coast with rising costs of fuel, tyres and other inputs into our machinery but also how that supply chain works and what CaseIH is doing to improve farmers excess ability to parts and service in times of need.

You like this episode make sure you share it with your mates whatever colour tractor head up they drive. Proud to have the team at CaseIH join me on the Farms Advice podcast and ensuring that knowledge sharing doesn’t stop at the machinery dealers and manufacturers. Visit FarmsAdvice.com.au and CaseIH or more information.

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