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Farms Advice Podcast Hits 100K Downloads

A big milestone for Farms Advice Podcast this week. When I think of all the hours that go into making it and growing it over the last 7 years its pivoted, ducked and dived. I’ve learnt so much from the speakers on the podcast but probably more so when they really open up before and…

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Can We Identify Microbes as Farmers? | Lachlan Dow

G’day and welcome to this weeks episode on the Farms Advice podcast. Jumping back into our Farm Yarns with Lachlan Dow from CSIRO. We dive in to see how microbes are impacting Australian agriculture both in a positive and negative format and how as farmers on the ground can identify where our soils are going…

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Farms Advice Podcast LIVE Event | Dubbo

G’day Farmers, this is an exciting announcement for the Farms Advice Podcast. We’re having an event on the 10th of September to support you who’ve supported the podcast. As a pre-harvest event it’ll be great to have a beer with you before the tractor life takes over. We know summer periods can be flat out…

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Foot and Mouth Disease for Aussie Farmers

Foot and Mouth Disease for Aussie Farmers When do we go into prevention mode and not waiting until it hits our shores. Foot and Mouth Disease could be caused by a dirty thong (flip flop for non Aussies). After the last 5 years for farmers has been difficult navigating a prolonged drought, supply chains in…

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