Australian made products and the power of social media

At Farms Advice, we believe wholeheartedly that we have the best resources at the tip of our fingers, no it’s not the power social media. It is agriculture! We are one of the most diverse industries in that we are able to create multiple income streams if we are able to implement a successful strategy for both product development and brand awareness. Here we have reviewed how the current situation has allowed some brands within Australia to flourish in the downturn. See how you can bring your product to the masses within Australia and beyond!

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Australian made products have been widely used across our home nation and also overseas whether the consumer knows it or not. With the increase of borders shutting due to the coronavirus it has become even more evident that those within their own nation are wanting to buy products that are made by the hands which serve them.

There are endless benefits for growing your fanbase within your local area and extending this to the nation. With the ease of social media and the online word-of-mouth it is excellent to connect the 1000’s of consumers that are wanting to be connected to Australian made products of which are an everyday item.

With the rise of Australian Made Products Facebook page has seen a mammoth amount of attraction with over 1.4 million Australians have join the group and are sharing Australian made products to help them drive traffic to these websites.

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Little Tuna has all your favourites in a jar and it had done extremely well with increasing awareness of the Cairns-based Tuna (It should be Cairned Tuna ;)). This is how the power of social media can have on your products:

“Hold tight team – our website crashed because it was flooded by all of these wonderful people 😘😍 we are working on it now!”

Little Tuna
  • With 28,000 profiles liking the post of Little Tuna
  • 2,700 commenting on the post
  • 4,200 shared the posts.

If we were to take the average of each user’s friends on Facebook of 338 the post would be viewable by 1,419,600 profiles which are the number of people who have joined the Australian Made Products.

They were able to effectively showcase their products whilst sharing the relevant links. With people commenting form across the country requesting that their tuna was to be sold from Western Australia and down to Sydney.

Facebook Group: Australian Made Products

Register your products here: Australian Made to register your products

How to get social media support for your agribusiness?

If you would like support for your Australia made products we would love to help improve your brand awareness. We work with AdvertYourEyes.com that you to develop your products for those working within Agribusiness. Make sure you hit your mark! As a business looking to boost their traffic online, there are fantastic resources for you to use that you can maximise your organic traffic through the power of social media.

If you would like an article for your company please get in touch. As this is not a paid for article it is purely an example of how you can use the power of social media.

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