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It’s that time of the year again where the farmers are dusting off the harvest equipment and readying their workforce to strip and pick the crops. Although this year has brought with it some challenges for farmers, some of these had been predicted due to the second year of the covid restrictions. With many farmers drilling their crops back into the ground or letting their produce perish in horticulture.

The Farms Advice Podcast Harvest Series has been a huge learning curve for the podcast in producing two episodes a week in order to create enough content for the farmers hard at work. With over 5,200 tuning in for the 10 episodes in the first month. The series was started so that those workers and harvest crews could have something supplementary to the radio banging tunes to listen to. If you’re one of the listeners I hope you’re able to TAKE ACTION!

Episode 1: Brant Jansen. Children returning to the farm for work. Brant is from Byfield’s team and kicked off the series with how to make the smooth transitions of your children returning home to work on the farm.

Episode 2: Richard O’Halloran. This episode dives into the mind of a young lawyer who is carving his mark on the industry. He’s working within the agricultural space with his family law firm and is the 4th generation to come up the ranks within the family. We talk about share farming and how you can harvest the most from it.

Episode 3: In this episode, we speak to John Sanderson about their family farm and dive a little deeper into their operation as a whole leading up to the 2021 harvest season. If you like this series make sure you share it with your mates to listen to whilst pumping out the acres, this harvest.

Episode 4: Richard Avendano. He is working on the family farm, running his own private agronomy for clients, and share farming. There isn’t much more he could take on surely.

Episode 5: Mark Merrett in this episode, we head over to Victoria at Kaniva smack bang in the middle of Adelaide and Melbourne to see how farming, contracting, and youtube all work within this year’s harvest. 

Episode 6: In this episode, we head over to the world of agtech with Dough Fitch from Agworld. The farm management platform for farmers in Australia and across the globe.

Episode 7: Harvest is full steam ahead for those in the north and we’ve managed to get Brett Hoskings on the series to discuss the current state of grain farmers with the opportunities and the challenges that the 2021 harvest brings with it.

Episode 8: In this week’s episode we’re diving into the horticulture industry with Tyson Cattle from AusVeg. We want to create more content for this side of the industry as I believe they count for 2 thirds of the plate at the dinner table. Your’s might vary! We talk about the industry challenges of harvesting with a reduced labour force at hand and how horticultural farmers are utilising technology to stay at the front of the pack.

Episode 9: We’ve had it all on this series and today we’ll be talking about the machinery of tomorrow and what it has in store for Australian farmers with the product manager of CASE IH, Tim Slater.

Episode 10: We’ve had it all on this series and today we’ll be talking about where your beer comes from and how it gets there with Abbey Ettershank from Pure Grain Network.

Thank you for listening to our very first Farms Advice monthly series. It has dragged out past October but that is what harvest is all about, it goes a little unplanned. By listening to the episodes you will be able to pick up a few tips, tricks, and technologies that you will be able to implement into your own business or farm. Make sure you share the Farms Advice Podcast so that we can reach more farmers and those who are working within Australian agriculture.

See you next Tuesday!

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