Coronavirus: Australian agriculture needs you

Industry leaders have issued an urgent plea for Australian people to work on farms and help feed the nation amid a burgeoning labour shortage due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Some 1000’s seasonal workers are usually required annually on Australian farms – with many coming from overseas. But travel restrictions and tighter border controls are having a significant effect on the number of people able to travel to Australia.

Australians dominate the workforce, with overseas workers and those with unknown backgrounds more common on horticultural farms.    Shows average number of workers sourced from: family, locals, Australian or NZ, visa holder and unknown; on vegetable, fruit & nut, cotton, dairy and broadacre farms. Dairy, cotton and broadacre farms predominantly sourced locals and family workers. Vegetable and fruit & nut predominantly sourced visa holders, family and local workers. Vegetable and fruit & nut farms sourced around 10% of workers from unknown backgrounds.   Most workers are Australians, living nearby highlighting the importance of local labour. Dependence on overseas workers exposes farms to visa changes.  Contact labour with an unknown background puts farmers at risk of using undocumented workers.

Areas that you can work in:

  • Horticultural (Fruit and vegetable farms)
  • Planting season
  • Mustering season in Northern parts of Australia

We have launched a simple job board for you to add your job opportunities on so that you are able to reach those who are looking for on-farm work to help with the upcoming sowing season.

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