Australia Agriculture Facts

Checkout some cools facts about the Australian agriculture industry. We are providing a creative format through our TikTok account @farmsadviceau. If you have a weird fact we haven’t heard of let us know in the comments below. We are on a mission to provide 1,000 facts directly relating to Australian agriculture.

  1. Australia produces approx. 25 million tonnes of wheat each year, that’s one million tonne per person living in Australia.
  2. Australia has 24,000 native plants that make up our ecosystem.
  3. We need 20,000 bees per acre of land including fruit crops, canola, and all of the rest.
  4. Australian’s consume nearly 6 eggs per week. That’s nearly 300 for the year. How many do you eat?
  5. Australians consume 27 kg of pork products annually (50% is imported). Largest wholesale fruit, vegetable and flower markets in Australia and one of the largest food distribution centres in the Southern Hemisphere.
  6. In 2015 there were just over 1,800 piggeries across Australia. With one in every state and territory except for the Northern Territory.
  7. Australia’s projected 2020 sheep numbers are down to 63.7 million for the year. Due to the drought over the recent years hitting the livestock industry hard.
  8. There are circa 1,800 avocado growers in Australia. With 46,000 tonne previously and jumping up to 100,000 tonnes over recent years.
  9. Australian farmers can feed approximately 600 people, with produce going to consumers in the domestic and international markets.
  10. Australian agriculture provides employment for 1.6 million workers across the whole supply chain. From the farmer’s gate right to the consumer’s table.
  11. There are 23.5 million cows in Australia, with 21 million bred for beef and 2.5 million providing dairy products.
  12. The most photographed crop in the world, the sunflower! Each head contains 1,500 seeds ready to eat or set seed. Australia producing 80,000 tonnes of it each year. Did you know the Spanish consume sunflower seeds at all sporting games?
  13. Australia exported $5.1 billion worth of beef for 2019. Making it 2nd on the top exports for Australia.
  14. In Australia, we eat 3.8 kilograms of dried fruit each year. Producing 20,000 tonnes each year for domestic and international markets.
  15. The world’s largest cattle station is “Anna Creek”, based in South Australia around Lake Eyre. With the whole block around 23,000 square kilometres.
  16. Australia’s largest sheep station is “Rawlinna”. It is 2.5 million acres of pure bliss. In 2018 they shore 70,000 sheep across 10 weeks. They’ve even got their own post office.
  17. There are 87,000+ farming families in Australian agriculture. Help us by sharing this blog to help grow Australian agribusinesses. Are you a farming family?
  18. The average-sized Farm in Australia is 4,331 acres. Ranging from 1 acre to millions of acres. Each size does a different thing to another. You don’t need a million acres to be successful. You can think outside the box and use your farm efficiently.
  19. Australia produces 24,000 tonnes of strawberries each year. With Western Australia and Queensland taking the cake for most produced. Grab a packet for your smoko!
  20. The average age of the Australian farmer is 58. With the need to reduce this to help the shift from generation to generation. What age bracket do you fit into?
  21. Australia produces 324,000 tonnes of wool each year. With different grades going to different end products.
  22. The heaviest wool fleece was 41.1 kilograms. With the infamous merino whether Chris escaping a few shearings during the mustering.
  23. Your hair is 100 micron, whilst your t-shirt is around 18.5 micron. Your hair is 5 times thicker than wool.
  24. How many sheep are in Western Australia? 14.7 million sheep with 4,500 producers.
  25. The biggest buyer for Australian agriculture, forestry and fisheries is China. They imported 13.5 billion in 2017-18.
  26. The average dairy size was 93 cows in 1985 and in 2018-19 it moved to 276 cows. A huge jump as some farms may have joined or bought out another.
  27. How many dairies are there in Australia? There are 5,200 dairy’s with 1.44 million milkers.
  28. Australia’s biggest dairy farm was Moxey farms. Producing approx 40 million litres of milk.
  29. Australia’s largest livestock trough runs for 120 meters. and can feed up to 500 cows at any one time.
  30. The world’s largest shearing shed of its kind is Cordillo downs. It was once home to 120 stands shearing around 85,000 sheep in the 1980s. It was made from stone and sheet iron as they couldn’t source any timber locally.
  31. The Dingo fence, it is the largest fence erected in Australia. Running for 5,614km in total. It was built to shave sheep mobs from dingo’s from Darling Downs in QLD it runs down to the Nullarbor in South Australia.
  32. Australia’s most expensive bull went for $325,000 by NCC Brahmans up near Rockhampton.
  33. The average rainfall for Australia is 419 mm. Does your farm fit under or below this?
  34. The 2nd largest sugarcane exporter in the world. Australia isn’t in the top 10 for the highest production.
  35. How many hectares of sugarcane does Australia have? 378,000 hectares
  36. Western Australia’s biggest agricultural commodity is wheat! It is worth $3.4 billion each year closely followed by barley and wool.
  37. How many shearers are in Australia? 4,000 shearers were in Australia in 2018. They’re shearing 70 million sheep each year.
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