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Episode 10 is out now! We have Emma Weston on for an in-depth episode into Australian agriculture supply chains and her role within it. She had started out as a lawyer and then started out working with the wheat board of Australia and this is where it had sparked her interest and passion into agriculture. Her background gave her a solid background to get into agriculture combining her knowledge with two other co-founders to start AgriDigital. She is now the CEO of AgriDigital and leads all aspects of the business’ strategy, stakeholder engagement, product, and platform growth, with oversight of the sales, blockchain, and operational environments. A multi-awarded platform, AgriDigital is leading the way in digitizing, connecting and securing global agricultural supply chains – from farmer to consumer.

They are moving mountains of grain effectively with a team of 45 based regionally and in the city. Emma and the team see the power in hiring talented employees and where they are based is now irrelevant. I really enjoyed talking with Emma as she is so passionate and always looking for a new way to improve herself and also her business.

Waypath is our global venture to transform the way you capture, store and sell your grain.

How Waypath can be used

  • Contracting and reconciliation
  • Harvest management
  • Ticketing & inventory management

They work with small and large enterprises throughout Australia to help with commodity management!

To find out more on AgriDigital and their products and services.

Emma was an amazing podcast guest with a lot to think about for the listeners who might be interested in what she had to say and the direction of the agriculture industry as a whole. Emma touched on leaving things better than when you found them, this can be for many things like the code they have been working on and keeping a high standard for yourself and others and also agriculture as an industry wants to improve our own landscapes and leave a legacy behind that will be noticed at some point.

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