Agribusiness VS Agriculture

You may of seen or heard that when I reference agriculture I tend to say agribusiness industry. This is so we can get farmers thinking that they are an agribusiness operation as any other business would in Australia. To be a successful business you need to follow a few processes with management, business development, marketing and employment. These areas are exactly the same for farmers operating an agribusiness enterprise.

If you are a livestock stud principal then you are effectively making the strategic decisions for your business so that you can provide for your clients within and outside of your local area. If we are able to start the conversation for farmers to run through the processes and follow a standardised benchmark to work towards the industry will be able to reach the $100 billion valuations by 2030.

Why use the term agribusiness?

To change the perception of both farmers and consumers. There is a lot of referencing around “just a farmer” and how we are purely here to raise livestock and grow the crops. What others don’t realise is the independent trials and experiments that “farmers” are running in order to grow and produce a better product. Most farms are working independently throughout the days, weeks, and months but offer their research to industry boards for those who chose to work so closely with the industry representatives such as Meat and Livestock Australia, Cotton Growers Australia, Hort Innovation, and Ausveg.

Why use the term agriculture?

Agriculture is the industry as a whole, referring to a collective of agribusinesses who are running under the banner of Australia agriculture. If you were to improve “agriculture” it would be too broad and not targeted enough for what our mission is… Explained below

The Mission of Farms Advice

We are on a mission to build and inform agribusinesses from farms across the country and those working closely with them to help provide the best possible products that we can. We have produced the Farms Advice Podcast so that we can add the transparency of our industry. Connecting those within the industry and simply asking the questions of who the speakers would like on the podcast to spark a connection between the guest speakers.

We want to make agriculture and engaging place to work by offering different articles of which you would not find in your general state ag news. The world is our oyster!

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