Farms Advice Podcast Guests

We have had an amazing line-up of speakers on the podcast as leaders of their sector of the industry. If you would like to join the waitlist please email

Martin Clark

Episode 17
ProBreed Stud Principal

Dwain Duxson

Episode 16
FarmerTender & DelayPay Founder

Robert Mackenzie

Episode 14
Owner of Macka’s Beef

Marion Vigot

Episode 13
Mister Rye Co-Founder

Angus Street

Episode 12
Auctions Plus CEO

Georgie Robertson

Episode 11
Regional PR

Emma Weston

Episode 10
AgriDigital CEO

Bill Mitchell

Episode 9
Optiweigh Founder

Emma Turner

Episode 8
Sheep & Wool Specialist at AWN

Mick Gould

Episode 7
Former MAFS contestant and Agvocate

Fiona Lake

Episode 6
Photographer, writer and drone academy owner

James Brouff

Episode 5
Regional Investment Corporation Credit Risk Manager

Emma Ayliffe

Episode 4
Co-director of Summit Ag Consulting

Sam Duncan

Episode 3
CEO/Founder of FarmLab

Martin Murray

Episode 2, 15
Agronomist at AMPS Agronomy

James Mackenzie

Episode 1
Manager at Macka’s Beef