Agribusiness is just about caught up with the city businesses with their flashy marketing campaigns that leave an underlying message which leads to consumers purchasing their products. Once agriculture catches up to the speed of which SME’s and corporates are moving it is already of gone another mile down the road.

Get started with your own marketing plan, it doesn’t matter if you are a broad-acre cropper or a grazier out 500km from town. If you are not directly selling your produce to consumers you are influencing the markets with your produce. Tell your story, someone wants to know what “we farmers” are up to. Telling your story could provide you with a second income that you didn’t know of or to simply provide that extra element of communication. Take a look at our Facebook group to connect with 689 Farms Advice members engaging with one another.

With every individual having access to social media through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter acting as the majority within the agricultural sector

I’ll go through and explain further into the different platforms and how they may be able to work with your enterprise. Email farmsadvice@hotmail.com for any questions and sign up for our newsletter below.

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