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Farming is a well known occupation which is now seen to be within the professional spectrum, with farming starting circa 1788. Where does social media fit into farming throughout Australia? I have seen the gap between online networks and the farming community as the younger generations of farmers adopt the apps for their phone to quickly send through a message that can be asking a question in urgency or making recordings i.e. water height recordings.

It is easy to get lost in the world of online marketing with the number of applications available. Stick to what you know and you will be able to develop from them as you grow.

Social Media Platforms for farmers

Facebook: Allows you to create a platform where you can communicate with consumers and create brand awareness. Join our Facebook group to find out what we’re up to.

Instagram: Create a gallery of images that aren’t seen anywhere else. It can create excellent brand awareness.

Twitter: Find out what other areas of the country are up to, it’s a great platform to engage with and ask questions to find the answers with farms all over Australia talking.

LinkedIn: Establish a professional profile for yourself or the company to engage with similar farmers across Aus all looking to progress agriculture.

Social media enables Australian agriculture to:

  • communicate with employees, suppliers, and consultants
  • communicate their story to create brand awareness

Pick the cream of the social media crop

You know how to determine what grows naturally on your land based on expertise, market conditions, and topography. So it is the same process for applying yourself into adopting social media. Social media is an excellent tool to communicate through messaging apps and also to communicate your own farm story that is relevant to your enterprise.

With most farms unknowingly selling their own brand, it is important to establish what the brand is and how you can convey your story. With posting on social media produces excellent brand awareness. With many agricultural companies taking advantage to establish themselves on the platform.

Cobram Estate hits the mark with social media

Cobram Estate is an example of a brand that has successfully adopted social media to communicate with consumers that use their product. It would be quite easy to rest on your laurels and sell a generic cooking essential, but they have gone above and beyond. With their marketing strategy expanding from strength to strength. They were able to capture a market by expressing the health benefits of using olive oil in numerous ways through the kitchen in the home.

You don’t need to “boost” your social posts with $5 as this won’t generally hit the target audience that you’re wanting. Start small and create a consistent feed, it might even be for you and your friends to keep track of what you’re up to. It develops a sort of rapport without having to directly interact with any individual person. Showcase your agribusiness brand to the domestic and international markets. As we look to develop diverse agriculture within Australia it can open up avenues that you never knew existed.

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