How Farms Advice started

🌾 Farms Advice has changed face. In most places, it takes a lot to change the branding of a business, but when your the only one in the meeting operating, it’s not so hard. Green showcasing that we aren’t always in a drought and the leaf/tree to illustrate the new life of agribusiness sprouting & waiting for farmers to take on the opportunity.

Farms Advice was started as a way to connect farmer’s raw materials to the end consumer and to provide valuable material for companies wanting to do more with their agribusiness. As it’s in the very early stages it has been a way for me to connect to all facets of Australian farmers. From sheep to blueberry farmers. I never really knew how much research needs to go into the backend of these projects.

Now we all know that Aussie farmers have produced some of the world’s best food through our high standards set by the Govt. and also the quality of work farmers and careers alike put into it, day on day. Not enough credit is given to farmers with a lot of consumers are unaware of how the broccoli stem or wagyu steak got to be at the end of their fork.

With numerous efforts to connect the divide between city and country, I think it has to start with the producers! With so much to be learned from across industries into how to become more efficient and productive, it would be great to have the hub of farmers to be open to new ideas. Farms Advice had only originally started as a Facebook group which has grown to 600+ members. Join the group here

A lot of agricultural-based groups online focus on the best imagery or to sell products to generate engagement. It is a great way to see what’s happening in ag, but I hope to use what I’ve learned in marketing to showcase how much potential agriculture has domestically and on the international stage.

Area’s Farms Advice will focus on:

  • 360 marketing techniques directly for #agribusiness industry
  • Strategies to implement into your daily routine through goal setting and achieving these objectives.
  • Agricultural Education
  • I’ll probably add more to this list later.

Farm Advice has been built out of my passion for Australian agriculture and doing something with the marketing degree I received from UNE. Reigning from a sheep property in far-west NSW near Wilcannia where we faced adverse environments that put the family in the middle of difficult decisions to do what’s best for the sheep and the family. Fast forward all of this and we have Farms Advice

If you read this, cheers! 👍 Get in touch if you would like to contribute or hear how I could help you take the next step!

Only turning the cog if it needs to, working smarter and not harder!

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What People Say

“Pull the wool over your eyes”

– Merino farmer in the channel country

“No worries, mate, she’ll be right”

– Unknown WA farmer

“Buckley’s chance”

– Mr. Smith the farmer up the road

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