About Farms Advice

Farm Advice has been built out of my passion for Australian agriculture and doing something with the marketing degree I received from UNE. Reigning from a sheep property in far-west NSW near Wilcannia where we faced adverse environments that put the family in the middle of difficult decisions to do whats best for the sheep and the family.

With the Australian farming industry covering a diverse range of produce and products that feed ourselves and 600 or so families per farmer each year its important to continue this through becoming efficient and productive whilst working. Only turning the cog if it needs to, working smarter and not harder!

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What People Say

“Pull the wool over your eyes”

– Merino farmer in the channel country

“No worries, mate, she’ll be right”

– Unknown WA farmer

“Buckley’s chance”

– Mr. Smith the farmer up the road

Let’s build something together.