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Welcome to our collaboration with Agworld as we bring you the conversations from farmers and leaders that recognise the power of digital record keeping and keeping everyone on the same page when running a farm with two person team to a 300 person team.

Agworld’s CEO and co-founder has been on the podcast before telling the story of how it all came about so have a listen to this before. The first episode of the series we speak with Michael Gilbert all the way from Vancouver, CA. He has a thorough experience around startups and agtech and can see the power in Agworld bringing a more collaborative place to work on farm.

Michael Gilbert – Beyond Record Keeping in the Agworld

This episode is in partnership with Agworld. A data-driven application made for a stronger, future-ready farm business. Try it out today in the link with a 7-day trial. As Farms Advice Podcast we are proud to partner with such forward thinking agribusinesses and Agworld is one of those. We want to bring you the tools, techniques and technology needed to become a successful future farmer. Share the #FarmsAdvice with this episode. Stay tuned for the rest of the series in April.

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Theunis SmitManaging Macadamia Farms through Digital Records

Theunis Smit is working with the Macadamia Farm Management crew of 300+ workers at any one time. With this workforce comes a lot of responsibility on the individual but also on the managers. Theunis was biting at the bit when he had the opportunity to bring on a piece of agtech that would go on to help with their operating of Macadamia farms across the East Coast of Australia. As they’re dealing with investors, they want to know where there money is going so inventory is a big one for them. Also looking at how they can improve their orchards and breakdown any inconsistency.

What I liked about this story specifically was the way he dealt with the employees adopting the agtech. He was able to get around the barrier by providing the tools each tractor needed to get the job done. He went and bought every one an iPad in order to utilise the products straight away and that they wouldn’t see an adoption lag and then early adopters. This has brought the company together and allowed for greater transparency on and off-farm.

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Mitchell McNab How A Family Orchard Uses Data On-farm

This episode we go down to Victoria to walk down the apple isle at McNab Orchard’s. Mitch McNab is running the family orchard along side his partner and parents. With seasonal labour  as his farm they’re able to get stuck into harvest.

Michael Nicholls -Farming in Tasmania’s Record Breaking Soils 

In partnership with Agworld we bring you this episode. It is as diverse as it gets from the Tasmanian soils proving their worth with the types of crops that Michael farms alongside his family and his one time full-time worker. From his wheat to potatoes paddocks we dive into what drives his operation. In his area potatoes are king! With the recent 50mm it’s a bit short of their usual rainfall of 1250mm each year.

Michael had thought that moving to Agworld would be a good decision for his farm to reduce the amount of paper work when looking at compliance for high valued crops and also ensuring he knows what has happened and what activities have been.

Types of crops they have on farm:

  • Poppy
  • Pyrethrum
  • Onion
  • Potatoe
  • Simplot Peas (Green Peas)
  • Wheat
  • Buck Wheat
  • Ground Beans

Fun fact: Their average paddock would be around 10ha and they hold the record for highest yielding wheat crop in Australia at 13.1 tonne/ha.

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Simon Foley – Integrating Agtech For Farmers Advantage

This episode we speak with the GM of Australia, NZ and South Africa. Jack and Simon have a great conversations around what is happening in agricultural technology and where it’s evolving and how it can further benefit farmers just like YOU right across Australia and the globe. Come with us as we dive into the new integrations of what is happening with Agworld as they build the value for Australian farmers who want to improve what they’re recording with digital records.

Simon Foley joined Agworld as General Manager for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in September 2014. Simon has 25 years experience in broadacre grain farming systems extending from in field production agronomics to farm and business management. Prior to joining Agworld, Simon consulted to farm businesses across WA and held senior management roles in a boutique funds management company focussed on agricultural investments. He holds an Agricultural Science (Hons) degree from the University of Western Australia.

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