Month: November 2021

The Future of Macadamias | Larry McHugh | Farms Advice

G’day aggies, this episode we talk all things macadamias and the premium it brings with the price tag against the other nuts across Australia and the globe. Larry McHugh joins Jack for a chat about where the sector currently sits, what harvest was like in 2021, and what the global demand is like in different…

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Agriculture Goes Viral With Big Farmer Andy | National Ag Day

Today is just one of the days where we celebrate all that the farmers do across Australia. I’m a farmer as well so to be able to look into other farmers’ operations and to find out what motivates them is what really makes this podcast so special. A farmer-led initiative to connect the different sectors…

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Australian Harvest Podcast Series

It’s that time of the year again where the farmers are dusting off the harvest equipment and readying their workforce to strip and pick the crops. Although this year has brought with it some challenges for farmers, some of these had been predicted due to the second year of the covid restrictions. With many farmers…

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From Paddock To Beer Can

Have you ever thought about where the beer you drink comes from? Like myself, you probably have your favourite beer that you always go in the shop and buy. But where does your favourite beer’s ingredients come from? Who produced it and was it a sustainable crop? These are the questions of consumers in Australia…

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