Month: June 2021

Creating A Community Out West | Angus Whyte | Farms Advice Podcast

Farms Advice Podcast jumps out west near Wentworth to pay a visit to Angus Whyte. A sheep grazier who is working hard for his community out west. In this episode listen in as there are some great takeaways to use on your own farm or even to use it as motivation. See what drives him,…

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Tracking Your Livestock | David Smith | Farms Advice Podcast

G’day Farms Advice listeners! If you’re a newbie or a frequent listener, thank you for tuning in. This week we going into the cattle industry of where it all started for Ceres Tag with David Smith the co-founder and CEO. If you get something out of this episode please share it with your mates so that…

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Educating Those Outside of Agriculture | Neil Seaman

You may have seen Farmer Wants A Wife and the contestants from 2020 so you may know of Neil Seaman. What you don’t know is his deep passion for his family farm as he has now returned home. He’s all about building on the education of others and where our food and fibre come from….

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Footy and Agriculture | Lewi Holland

It’s not every day you get to talk to the sporting stars within Australia especially when linking it back to agriculture. That’s why we had to speak to Lewi Holland on the Farms Advice Podcast to check in and see what he was up to within Australian agriculture with his farm and cattle stud. He’s…

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