Month: May 2021

What Is Agriculture In Your Own Words

Agriculture is the connection of tools and knowledge that enable us to provide crop and livestock products to consumers domestically and internationally. The interpretation is forever changing by location and accessibility to newer technologies. As the Farms Advice podcast develops we look to own the “agribusiness” space as this is the connection between agriculture and…

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Episode 28 – James Walker

At the heart of this episode is diversification, both on and off-farm. I had the privilege to catch up with James Walker for a conversation on what led him to win the excellence in diversification in agriculture and what spurs him along. He had quite the wrap sheet with a long list of projects he…

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How Carbon Farming Works in Australia | Louisa Kiely | Farms Advice Podcast

G’day farmers!! I hope you’re strapped in for this week’s episode as I speak with Louisa Kiely from Carbon farmers of Australia. The only regionally based carbon trading advisors with 20 years of farming experience, which is vitally important when talking with farmers just learning about the subject. Listen to the available methods of storing…

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Greater Productivity for Goats | Pieter Van Jaarsveld | Farms Advice Podcast

G’day farmers! On this week’s episode we speak with Pieter Van Jaarsveld. From starting out in Aussie ag with this family moving to Australia to becoming a 2021 Nuffield Scholar with his research into rangeland goats. With the limited travel during covid times, he has focused on the domestic market for his research. With goats…

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