Month: April 2021

Working Agriculture With A Disability | Josie Clarke | Farms Advice Podcast

Welcome to the 45th episode of Farms Advice Podcast. It’s getting colder so we have brought you an episode that will warm the heart. If you are able to get some value out for the episodes please help and share them on your social media to improve the industry with key takeaways from leaders of…

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Value Adding with G’day Garlic | Emily Moon | Farms Advice Podcast

G’day and welcome to this week’s Farms Advice episode with myself Jack Cresswell and Emily Moon from G’day Garlic. This is full of valuable content as she runs the marketing and branding for the recent e-commerce platform through which they sell their garlic. Share a snap of this pod of where you’re listening from on…

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Beyond The Tax Return | Byfields | Farms Advice Podcast

The podcast I’ve been waiting for and the one you need to listen to. We’re so excited to have the team of Byfield’s come on to the podcast and back it as a way forward for Australian agribusinesses. Jon Bush the BDM discusses what’s going on in the industry and what we can expect from…

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Starting in Agritourism | Ana Pimenta | Farms Advice Podcast

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to start an agritourism outlet on their farm. Farms Advice speaks with Ana from King Island off the coast of Tasmania who has started farming from scratch with her partner Tom and now eventuated into agritourism through her farm tours, cooking, and overnight accommodation. Check out Meat…

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