Month: March 2021

Data Management & Livestock | John Fargher | Farms Advice Podcast

This week on the Farms Advice Podcast we catch up with John from AgriWebb. He is the Chief Revenue Officer who is driving the company forward with the recent $30M in investment to expand overseas in the US livestock market. You’ll get some great value out of this episode. Share a snap of this pod…

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What’s Trending in Agribusiness | Farms Advice Podcast

G’day and welcome to the weekly AgTrending on the Farms Advice podcast. This week on the episode we cover: – East coast floods impact on communities and farmers – Agricultural shows coming up – Cotton and Wool industry to work together – Tuesday’s episode with John from AgriWebb – Farms Advice is now SPONSORED! –…

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Reduce Inputs & Maximise Yields | Darren Hughes | Farms Advice Podcast

G’day all! Farms Advice catches up with Darren Hughes who is the co-founder of Laconik. They’re a company looking to improve the way Australian farmers apply their fertiliser. He comes from a strong research background with GRDC and is really moving the needle on the industry. Make sure you spread the farms advice on this…

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Wool & Education | Neil Seaman | Farms Advice Podcast

We’ve gone and done it now, we’ve tracked down the second Farmer Wants A Wife onto the podcast. Neil joins us for this week’s episode to give us a glimpse into what he is up to on the family farm, his platform from FWAW, and what motivates him. Make sure you tune in for this…

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