Month: November 2020

Happy National Agricultural Day | Farms Advice Podcast

It’s the 20th of November already. Where the year go? If you’re getting tucked into some work today or taking the day off because, well you deserve it take a listen to a little wrap-up of Australian agriculture for National Agricultural Day for Australia. With 320,000 farmworkers across Australia, we’re a huge part of building…

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The Drought Proof Farm | Dr Graeme Barnett | Farms Advice Podcast

G’day Listeners!  On the show today we’re speaking to talking to a new sector that is ready to flourish. Qponics is based up in QLD working closely with the University of Queensland to develop another consumable protein and omega-3 alternative without smashing the ocean with fishing nets. From 1 hectare of shallow algae pools they’re…

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The Start of Harvest 2020 | Martin Murray – Agro Round Up

Farms Advice Podcast looks at the beginning of the Australian harvest season for 2020-21. Talking with local agronomist Martin Murray about the lead up until harvest 2020. Stay tuned in for more harvest episodes! Please share this podcast to help us reach the 135,000 farming agribusinesses across Australia. Farms Advice features a new episode every…

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How to go broke farming

How can you improve your farming operations? With so many telling you this is the right way, that is the wrong way it can easily left behind by not doing anything at all. This can be the worst approach to it. Without trialing what works and what doesn’t, it will leave you laps behind in…

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