Month: September 2020

Top 9 Weather Apps For Australian Farmers

Working in agriculture you will know all to well that we rely on the weather forecast to make a decision of what to do next. With many relying on the forecast to get through to the end of the year by receiving vital rain for the growing season. We have collect the top 9 weather…

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Breeding For Success With Data

The Farms Advice Podcast sat down with ProBreed to see what they are up to and how they are doing it. We welcome Martin Clark to our list of podcast guests and see which direction he is taking the agribusiness to by getting the most of their genetics. With an excellent team whom Martin states…

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Breeding Sheep With Data | Martin Clark | Farms Advice Podcast

Farms Advice host Jack Cresswell caught up with Martin Clark from ProBreed. An innovative sheep breeding program has allowed their stud to achieve great results. By collecting data and working with experimentation in mind it has allowed them to refine their genetics for something that clients are wanting for their own enterprise.  Please share this…

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Building An Online Database For Your Agribusiness | Dwain Duxson | Farms Advice Podcast

On this week’s Farms Advice Podcast we speak with Dwain Duxson who is working hard within Australian agriculture so it’s excellent to have him on as a podcast guest. He is the founder of FarmTender and DelayPay. He really likes communicating with people and particular farmers. With his family livestock stud, he saw that he…

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